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"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father, Son, and of the Holy Ghost."
(Matt. 28:19)

Thousands of missionaries are sent out every year from our church to various parts of our world. One way YOU can be a missionary to the world, is the contact you have with people all around you each day. Share God's good news of a risen Savior who loves them and is coming back to earth, to take them to heaven to live with Him forever.

Back in 1999 two members of the McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jamie and Mike DeLay served as missionaries in Hong Kong. They were previously teaching in Thailand at Ekamai International School to many students that are of the Budhist and Hindu, and this is their story as they reported it from there!


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(Original report from Hong Kong)   Hi!

Mike and I arrived in Hong Kong on Wednesday morning Sept. 9 at 6:08 am. We left our family sadly at the airport in Collegedale, on Monday afternoon, Sept. 7. We had a very long flight which all together lasted about 27 hours after changing planes two times. We were awake when we arrived, so we unpacked all our stuff that morning. We have a wonderful house. It has a huge living room/dinning room area with windows all on one side opposite the front door. Our view from there is some dirty appartment buildings. It at least lets sunshine in. Where the computer is sitting

I have a nice view of the mountains. There is a black leather couch and chair and an organ in our living room, We also have a nice black coffee table/entertainment center furniture piece. In the dining room part we have a round table which sits four chairs. We have a little kitchen that Mike and I just fit into, but it has a white oven/stove, a full mustard color refrigerator, sink, and lots of dark yellow cupboards. Then from there we have a little hall way that leads to our one bedroom. It is so huge. Their is a nice bathroom as soon as you enter our bedroom off to the right side, which is mostly white. We put up an African animal shower curtain and decorated it with green towels. The bedroom has lots of cupboard space as well. We have plenty of places to store lots of good things! The bedroom windows face the dirty apartment buildings on the right side, but on the front side it faces the beutiful mountains. We have a great view of green trees! We have a nice queen size bed, but it is only six feet long. Mike's feet hand off the end. It looks really nice in there with the heart blanket Mike's grandmother made us. Then off the bedroom is a laudry room. We don't have a washer or dryer, but their is space for one. Mike put a desk in there and he made it into his office area for now, with all of his gagets. It is really a wonderful house.

By the afternoon of the first day we were really tired. That afternoon though I started working. I had my first School Board Meeting. I found out then that I was the secretary to the board meeting. I had to report that they voted me to be the teacher. That's good since I was already here :) We also extended Chinese New Year for another 1/2 week because that is what the rest of the schools are geting off for the holidays. Thats fine with me it gives me a whole week and a 1/2 for Chinese New Year Holiday.

After all that we just spent the next two days moving in to the classroom and moving all the stuff around in the classroom so I would like it. Mike and I moved all the bookcases around and made a little reading room. We also made a little computer lab. I have 2 Apple Computers and an Old IBM computer. That's fine, I only have 4 kids. The room is not too big, but it looks large with only 4 kids desks and my teachers desk in it.

Oh, well. It is nice that everything is so close. Our apartment is next to the hospital and the school is right on the hospital grounds. Almost everyone we have met so far lives in this apartment house. They had a nice potluck Friday night supper and vespers for us. They decorated the ground floor stairway with balloons to welcome us. Then on Sabbath they had another potluck meal for us as well. Although I was told they usually have potluck the second Sabbath of the month here. We also got to know more of the English speaking people from Austrilia (6 in all) Saturday night as well. They took us out to a wonderful orcastra concert played by the Honk Kong Philharmonic, afterwards we went to McDonalds for fries and a milk shake. It is nice having such wonderful people to be around.

I started class yesterday, Monday, Sept. 14. The kids are really nice and they asked a lot of questions about me and Mike. I had a lot of fun with them and I am trying to get to know them better. Mike got his first work assignment here. He is painting a room that use to be used as a little one room apartment. It really is moldy and unfortunately water leaked in there. He had to first rip up all the carpet and scrap the walls, before painting.

We are both doing fine. We are getting sort of getting adjusted to the time and the area. Mike and I did go food shopping a little bit. We are mostly eating at the cafeteria at the hospital now. It is really good food and both of us like it. It is also very cheap. We also don't have that much time to cook right now. By the time I get home I am so tired and go to bed.

I wanted to let you know what has been going on. I know it is a longer letter. I will try to keep writing more often and shorter letters, as soon as we get a local server. Right now we call Southern long distance to connect. It is too expensive to do anything but just write and upload messages and get off. I will write more later. Please write me too. God bless you. You are always in my prayers.

Love and miss ya,


(P.S. We will work on the mission page as soon as we get our local internet. It is too expensive to work on it by long distance connection :)

Jamie DeLay

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