Mission Pictures


These are some pictures of our students and us having fun at the beach on the bicycles.

The first picture is of one of my 8b class, I-wen, that is sitting on the bike handle and having fun. She gave me a red rose on Valentine's Day. She comes and talks to me during break times and I help her with Pre-Algebra sometimes too.

The second picture Is of my homeroom students in 8C. The girl at the front is Pathrin. She is a really talkative girl in class and she always has some witty words to say. I have a hard time keeping her quiet, but I enjoy her talking. The girl on the back is her good friend Srinya that is quiet in class, but always has a nice smile and talks to me outside of the class.

The next picture is Mike and I having fun on a two person bike. All of my class had to take pictures of us having fun with each other. We borrowed the bike from the girls in the next picture.

The next two girls are some of the friendliest and funnest girls in my class. I enjoy talking to both Eum Mi and Sasipa. They make class time fun. They also make my breaks more enjoyable, because they just come up and talk to me all during break.

We all had so much fun playing on the bikes.

We got some shots of the guys, but they were biking so fast that their pictures didn't come out as well as the girl's pictures did.

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Reported 4/1/98.