Prophecy Lectures

By Evangelist Wendell Stover

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These Prophecy lectures were presented at the McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church by Evangelist Wendell Stover, and are being transcribed by volunteers so you can enjoy them too. These pages are currently under construction, but we are anxious to have them available for you even though there is more to do. I know God will bless as you read these Biblical lectures!

Night 1:   Christ Reveals Our Day in Bible Prophecy.

Night 2:   Christ Reveals the Coming New World Order.

Night 3:   Revelation's Most Secret Vision.

Night 4:   The Longest Time Prophecy.

Night 8:   Reunion Day in Heaven.

Night 9:   The Last Night on Earth.

Night 10:   The Antichrist of Bible Prophecy.

Night 11:   Mark of the Beast - 666.

Night 12:   Eleven Ways to be Baptized.

Night 13:   How to Save on Doctor Bills.

Night 16:   The 1000-Year Millennium.

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