Sermon delivered September 29, 2001 by Pastor Donald J. Gettys

McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church

McDonald, Tennessee

Biblical quotations are from the New International Version NIV unless otherwise noted. Divine pronouns and titles are capitalized.

Living Bread

John 6:32-58

Before I get started in my sermon, I just want to touch base on what happened in the world on September 11. You have been impressed with that in mind. Somebody asked me, "Well, where was God on September 11? On vacation?" I got to thinking about that. You know, I don't think God was not on vacation. I think, in fact, He worked harder that day than He did a lot of days. I'll tell you why. If you take those four airplanes, those four jets that crashed, their seating capacity was well over a thousand. How many were on board? Two hundred and sixty six. That's all. The still small voice of God had managed to turn away three fourths of the potential passengers. They stayed at home. Some reason of another, they got sick, whatever, they didn't fly that day. That's before the scare. Today, empty airplanes are the rule of order, then they were full. But, those four were not.

Number two: How many people normally work at the World Trade Centers? Fifty thousand people. How many people were there that day? Twenty thousand people. What time do the people usually get to work? Eight thirty or nine. Are you aware of that? Three fifths were either absent or late to work that day! Sixty percent! Can you imagine that happening where you work? Sixty percent of the people aren't there when it's time to be there? The angels must have worked over-time creating traffic jams and all kinds of delays to keep those people away.

Where was God that day? He was at work. Now, God is not allowed to make this into heaven just yet. The devil has to have his chance to prove that his way is better, which it isn't.

This disaster is the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime. But, I want to tell you that God's miraculous hand was at work that day. He was holding up two hundred and ten story buildings until two thirds of the people got out that were there. And they all had a chance to get out if they would left just like that. Except for the stories that were immediately killed. Even one man clear up on top rode the whole building down and was able to get away. God is alive! God is active! And soon, God is going to come take us to a land of peace. And I want to be there. You can be there.

Well, let's get started with the communion sermon.

Did you know that there is a connection between the communion table and the lunch table where you eat at home? Of course they both have table tops. They both have table cloths. They both have napkins. They both have plates. They both have cups to drink out of. You know, they are all similarities. But there is a deep significance that can heighten the blessing that you receive today if you understand it correctly.

Come to John 6:35, and it makes a statement like this: Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of Life. He who comes to Me will never go hungry, and he who believes in Me will never be thirsty." Apparently it's a one meal situation. You eat once, you drink once. That's all you need.

I'm going to read you something from Desire of Ages, pp. 660-661 by Ellen G. White. "The bread we eat (Any Bread) is the purchase of His broken body. The water we drink (All water) is bought by His spilled blood. Never one, saint or sinner, eats his daily food, but he is nourished by the body and the blood of Christ. The cross of Calvary is stamped on every loaf. It is reflected in every water spring" Do you believe that? You don't take one swallow but you are personally nourished by the body and the blood of Jesus Christ. That's an amazing thought.

All food, both physical and spiritual, exists, courtesy of Jesus Christ. Now, your table doesn't have a crown of thorns near by. You table doesn't always have one empty chair in the middle. But I will tell you that Jesus eats at your table at home as well. When you eat your lunch at noon, you're nourished by Jesus. The nourishment of those beans and potatoes comes from Jesus' body and Jesus' blood. The source of every loaf of bread is the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The cross of Christ is stamped on every loaf of bread. It's reflected in every water spring. Everything we do, Jesus provides.

How many of you eat real food at your supper table? A great difference between your Supper table and the Lord's Supper table is that we eat substitute food at home and real food at the church. John 6:55. "For my flesh is real food..." I suspect that all food we have ever eaten is not of the type that we will find in heaven. Today, the nutritional value of our food is almost depleted. Yet all food should point us to its source which is Jesus. For the Christian, the supper table becomes the table of the Lord if you enter into it correctly. Every meal can become a miniature sacrament because it reminds us of Jesus. His continuing Power enables all food to grow. His sacrifice is stamped on every serving.

I remember as a little boy, my sister and I used to play "communion service." I would say, "Take and eat." We practiced it at home. A miniature sacrament. And every meal is a miniature sacrament. Every one.

Every time you eat a slice of bread you have the privilege of remembering Christ and His great sacrifice for your sins. We take Jesus for granted. Here in America we take our food for granted. Pray for more sensitivity. Acts 28:26 (quoting from Isaiah 6:9) You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving." A hog never looks up to acknowledge the source.

A terrorist sits down to consume his potatoes and the strength he gets enables him to become more like the devil. A Christian sits down and the strength of his potatoes enables him to become more like Jesus Christ. It depends on which direction you're headed.

Does the bread and wine here today assist you in your Christian experience? Yes, it will. Christ is the bread of life. The living bread. If you eat of that bread, you will live forever. His living body was broken for you. He is the living bread. John 6:58 says: "...He who feeds on this bread will live forever." He's going to live forever. That's an amazing thought. I want to live forever. This world is just the first breath. We're destined to live forever unless we choose otherwise. We're going to be in heaven, courtesy of Jesus Christ.

So, when you sit at your table at home, remember this table. This is the table from whence all blessings flow. And your table has a blessing because of this table. So, never forget Jesus Christ. Don't just remember Him, "This do in remembrance of Me." Remember Him wherever you go. Wherever you are eating remember Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice for you.


Hymn of Praise: #108, Amazing Grace
Scripture: John 6:33-35
Hymn of Response: #271, Break Thou The Bread of Life


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