12 Week Sermon Series

Miracles of Jesus

June 28 – September 13, 2008


June 28th Don Gettys

          “What to Do When the Wine Runs Out”


July 5th – Paul Carlson

          “Healing At the House of Mercy”


July 12th – David Cook

         “Facing the Storm Alone”


July 19th – Don Gettys

         “The Perfect Storm Tamer”


July 26th – Don Gettys

         “The Disrobed Demoniac and Crazy Hogs”


August 2nd – Don Gettys

         “How to Raise Your Children from the Dead”


August 9th – Don Gettys

         “Rooftop Faith”


August 16th – Don Gettys

         “The Little Lad’s Lunch”


August 23rd – Don Gettys

         “Eyes and Mud Pies”


August 30th – Don Gettys

         “Death Zero, Jesus Won!”


September 6th – Paul Carlson

         “The Peter Principle and Jesus”


September 13th – David Cook

         “Follow Me”