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Sermon delivered January 16, 2010 by Pastor Don Gettys

McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church

McDonald, Tennessee

Biblical quotations are from the New International Version NIV unless otherwise noted. Divine pronouns and titles are capitalized.

The Time of Convergence

Revelation 3:16-17

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As Seventh-day Adventist Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ.  We believe in the seventh day Sabbath of Jesus, and we believe in the second coming of Jesus.  We believe that His coming is soon.  It is this aspect of Seventh-day Adventists that I want to talk about, is the near advent of Jesus.  I believe His coming is soon.

It's sort of fun to go shopping after Christmas.  You get discounts of 70, 80% they say.  It's just fun picking up all those good things, but eventually an envelope comes from Wilmington, Delaware.  Do you get those envelopes?.  They're awful.  They're from Visa.  We've got to pay for all that stuff.  It's a time of convergence.  My actions catch up with me.  Shopping has consequences, you know, and so does sin.  When a nation drifts deeper and deeper into sin, the consequences are deep and devastating. 

I was reading in a book called Last Day Events, page 133, it speaks of the United States of America, and it makes this very significant statement.  It says, "National apostasy will be followed by national ruin."  Interesting statement.  Now some of you probably do not believe that.  The United States of America is too strong to fall.  It's too strong to fail.  We think America is that way.  We're failproof.  Well, indeed, God has greatly blessed this nation because as it says in Revelation 13, America started out as a lamb-like beast.  Christ-like.  But alas, times have changed.  We have outlawed prayer in our public schools.  We have taken the 10 Commandments out of our public buildings.  Fewer and fewer people are attending church and people are forgetting about God.  As a nation, I think we are apostasizing.  Wickedness is growing rapidly.  They estimate that between one fourth and one half of Internet traffic relates to pornography. 

America is living in a time of convergence.  National apostasy is being followed by national ruin.  I believe that.  We can see it.  Our sins have caught up with us and the bill is due.  We're living in a time of prophetic convergence as well, when all of the prophecies of the Bible, all of these timelines of prophecy are converging together, and we see that we are living in the last days.  Our nation is beginning to speak as a dragon as well.  Look at Revelation 13:11.  It says, "I saw another beast coming out of the earth.  He had two horns like a lamb, but he spake as a dragon, and he exercised all of the authority of the first beast on his behalf and he made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast." 

Listen to this picture of America.  This comes from a book called Maranatha, page 190.  "When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf and grasp hands with the Roman power and she shall reach over the abyss and clasp hands with spiritualism, then under the influence of this threefold union, our country," the United States, "shall repudiate every principle of its constitution as a Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and dellusions, then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and the end is near."  It's coming.  The whole world will soon be united in one purpose.  Stretching their hands across the oceans, joining together.

Who is it that wants to unite the world?  Look at Revelation 16:14.  It says, "They are the spirits of devils working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world and gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty."  All nations someday will be united and gathered together for one purpose.  To fight against God and to destroy each other.  This depicts the nations united in a common purpose. 

Now when Jesus came the very first time it says that the whole world was united under one government.  Just before He comes the second time, the nations will again be united in religious and financial purposes.  Now there have been many attempts to unite the world since Jesus' day.  Charlemagne tried.  Mussolini.  Napoleon tried.  Adolf Hitler tried.  But look at Revelation 13.  I want you look at what happens just before the end of time.  Revelation 13:16,17.  This depicts a global governance system which will force everyone, it says, "Small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark in his right hand or in his forhead."  My grand-daughter just got a dog this past few weeks and took it to the vet and they gave the dog its shots and embedded an electronic chip in the dog.  I guess people will be next.  The Bible says we will receive a mark in our right hand or forehead so that nobody can buy or sell, unless he has the mark, which is the number of the name of the beast, which is 666.  So this is significant.  Something new is happening. 

The New World order is coming into place and as I read Revelation 13, it is becoming clear that John the Revelator is actually describing a coming time of worldwide economic control and worldwide religious control.  Those two things. So this seems to point to a one world currency.  The United Nations at their annual conference held September 7, 2009, publicly announced that a one-world currency is required to deal with the current worldwide financial crisis.  We're in a crisis here.  The whole world is in a financial crisis.  To deal with that, the leaders of the world say we need a one world currency. 

To effectively control all buying and all selling of everybody in the world, you need economic control, electronically. You come into church.  You give your cash.  Cash must be done away with because it is impossible to control all cash transactions.  They can't control what you contribute to the children's offering, can they, but we can be controlled if it's all done electronically, and you can't buy or sell unless you worship the beast.  So how that would work is, you would pull out of your purse or out of your wallet a card and swipe that card and then that's proof that you actually attended church.  So some type of a mark also needs to be embedded to prove that it was you. 

There are current events and steps toward the fulfillment of these prophecies.  Here is an ominous one.  Are you aware that Europe now has a president.  Now I'm not speaking about England.  I'm speaking about Europe.  There is a president of Europe.  Do you know his name?  His name is Herman Van Rompuy.  The president of Europe announced November 19, 2009, that 2009 is the first year of global governance.  He said that the climate conference in Copenhagen is another step toward the, and I'm quoting, "the global management of our planet."  That's their goal.  And he takes his office as president of the E.U. this month.  We now have a president of Europe. 

We're living in a grand and awful time.  It's exciting, but it's scary.  We are literally seeing the prophecies of Revelation 13, and many other prophecies, being fulfilled right before our very eyes.  Last day events are transpiring with lightning speed.  We need to read and reread the books of Daniel and Revelation.

I'm going to show you some things on the screen.  I want you first of all to read Revelation 17:3.  If you haven't read this lately, what is going to be on the screen is going to amaze you.  Revelation 17:3.  "I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast."  Now, a woman in Bible prophecy represents what?  A church.  Either a good church or a bad church, but a woman always represents a church.  You're going to find out what kind of woman this is when you look.  A woman on a beast.  A woman who rides a beast is in charge of the beast.  The beast is not in charge of her, but she is supposed to direct the beast, which way it goes.  So this woman, this church, is sitting on the official nations of the world. 

Have you seen the official European currency, the symbols that they use?  It's like the E.U. leaders are trying to show us what they are coming to.  I want to look at these pictures, because Revelation 17:3 is fulfilling.  The first picture, you have a five euro coin.  This depicts a woman sitting on a bull.  Picture number two, if you read German, this says "good morning Europe", and it has a woman.  What type of a woman, a good woman or a bad woman, sitting on a beast.  The third picture is the E.U. headquarters in Brussels.  What do you see in front of the headquarters building?  A woman on a beast.  Picture number four comes from Time magazine.  It's a woman on a bull, sitting there with flags.  What flags?  Flags of all the countries of Europe.  The next picture is a two euro coin, which shows a woman sitting on a bull.  Why are they doing this?  Wouldn't they try to conceal it?  The next picture is a woman on a bull and this comes from a German telephone card.  Again, would this be a noble woman or the opposite?  The next picture is a woman in front of the Winston Churchill building.  These are buildings that are being used in world governance. 

The last picture I want to show you is a European Union poster.  This shows them completing the Tower of Babel.  Who's going to finish building the world government that Nimrod started?  They are proud to picture on their coins, on their currency, the uncompleted Tower of Babel.  It's amazing what all is happening in the world today.  Prophecies are being fulfilled even as we speak. 

By using this symbolism, the European Union promoters are showing us that they intend, seriously, to complete what Nimrod started.  Nimrod was the devil's first attempt at a world government.  This is the last attempt at a world government.  Genesis 10:9-12, says that Nimrod did try to establish a worldwide kingdom in expanding the post-flood world and Nimrod founded great pagan cities.  He built the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Tower of Babel.  No other building could exceed that in height and then God came down and destroyed the building, and knocked the top off of it.  Why did He do that?  Is God angry at skyscrapers?  Does God come down and destroy skyscrapers today? 

What was going on in Nimrod's time?  Nimrod wanted a name for himself, and his tower would have on the very top of it, a temple where the devil would sit in the place of God and the devil, satan, would be in charge of the world.  As Nimrod's followers dissipated throughout the post-flood world, they left the land of Shinar and they brought with them an atheistic mindset mixed with pantheism and evolutionary humanism.  Revelation 13 and Revelation 18 depicts Satan's last attempt to sit in the place of God and be in charge of the world.  And that's what you are seeing today, fulfilling before your very eyes.

The Lisbon Treaty came into effect December 1, 2009.  Just a few weeks ago.  It basically ended  national sovereignty for most of the nations of Europe.  Europe is becoming "one", but the eventual goal is not to just unite Europe.  The eventual goal is to unite the world.  You can see why.  We live on a flat world.  The world is flat.  With the interconnectivity of the Internet, we need this type of thing more now than ever, they say.  So by using this symbol of pagan Europe, a woman riding Zeus, the beast, they are connecting themselves with the coming beast system.  It seems like their leaders, these luciferian leaders, are bragging that they will unite the world.

Now look at Revelation 17:15.  I want you to read about the great harlot.  The great prostitute.  It says in Revelation 17:15, "This woman," a woman of wickedness, this monstrous system, "sits upon the water," which is what?  Peoples.  Multitudes and nations, plural, and languages, they are going to attempt to control the whole world.  In the last days, a woman will sit upon a powerful beast.  The Bible predicts that.  She is in control of the beast.  This is a union of church and state.  The church being in charge of the state.  She sits on the nations.  Not one single nation, but nations.  Languages.  A picture of the last day global power that is coming into dominance even as we speak.  I believe we're seeing the beast emerge.  A grand and awful time.

In Daniel 2, Nebuchadnezzar saw a vision of a great image.  The image represented Babylon, the head of Babylon and Medo-Persia and Greece and Rome and the feet.  Babylon in, Daniel 2, was a one world power for 67 years.  Medo-Persia was a one world power for 207 years.  Greece was a one world power for 163 years.  Followed by Rome, the kingdom of iron, which was in power for 644 years.  You read in Daniel 2:42 about 10 kingdoms.  The kingdoms of the toes and the feet.  They were made of what?  Of iron and clay.  Miry clay.  Substances that do not mix. 

However, in Revelation 13 in the Bible, this describes what could be called the toenail kingdom.  The very last kingdom.  Here there is once again an attempt to control the entire world.  Listen to Revelation 13:11.  It says, "Then I saw another beast," this is the United States of America, "coming out of the earth," an unpopulated area, "he had two horns like a lamb," Christlike, "but he spake as a dragon."  Now verse 12.  "He exercised all the authority of the first beast in his behalf and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast.  His fatal wound had been healed."  So here comes another worldwide power.  This refers to America as this world power. 

If some terrorist over in Zimbabwe puts on explosive underwear and flies into Atlanta and he lands, you had better hope that those Zimbabweans have the same rules or better than we have here.  It is important for all the countries in the world to have the same rules and so they want to have the same government.  Do you see why?  For our protection.  Arguments are being made that we need a world government, especially because of terrorism. 

Revelation 13:11-12 describes a modern one world government that is now rapidly coming into power.  Notice what it does in verse 12.  "It made the earth."  It makes the whole earth do something.  In verse 12, it says, "It made the inhabitants."  Everybody that lives here on this planet is going to be made to worship.  In verse 14, "It deceives the inhabitants of the earth."  All of them will be deceived.  In verse 14, "It orders the inhabitants of the earth."  In verse 15, "It causes all who don't worship the beast to die."  In verse 16, "It forces every one to be marked."  There will be nobody unmarked unless they don't want to buy and sell.  Verse 17.  No unmarked person can buy or sell.  Those seven parameters of world power here in Revelation 13, far exceed what happened in Daniel's day.  This thing is escalating.  It's growing.  Here global power is coming to dominate and global power loves to control people, and you must control the currency to control the people. 

There are two specific things that stand out.  One is the financial control.  One is religious control.  They will control all finance and all religions.  That's what it will be.  So this will be empowered by law.  The dragon has teeth, and when a dragon speaks it speaks through its legislature.  So the world government will bring about a world economic system and a world religion.  I just got a newspaper quote dated December 31 from USA Today and it says this.  The Pope is pushing hard, Pope Benedict XVI surprised the world last month.  "His third encyclical weighed in with strong language including a call for true world political authority to manage two things."  Now listen to what two things the Pope wants the world to manage.  "He called for a true world political authority to manage the global economy with God-centered ethics."  The economy, finance and religion.  The World Council of Churches wants a world ecumenism.  I am told in Revelation 16:13 that the beast, the false prophet and the dragon will be united in the last days for a common purpose, and that is to destroy God's people and to magnify Satan.  That's the purpose.

So let's think a minute, about one of these two things.  Let's think about religious dominance in the last days.  Religious control.  This is a last global power attempt to control the entire world, the worship of the world.  They will attempt to bring an amalgamation of all world religions.  The Catholics, the Muslims, will unite with the Jews.  The Protestants and Hindus and Buddhists will unite upon such points as they hold in common.  There will be a common day of worship.  And what day is that?  Sunday.  You say, "Well, I know that Protestants and Catholics worship on Sunday, but Muslims worship on Friday.  Jews worship on Saturday."  They'll all worship on the same day.  Eventually, if you don't worship, you're excluded from buying and selling anywhere. 

Pope Benedict recently spoke about the goal of human history.  What is the goal of human history?  What is the one goal of human history?  As far as Heaven is concerned, it's to see you as a child of God and to save you from sin.  But notice the one goal of human history, according to Pope Benedict, is to build the universal city of God.  In other words, this is a call for world religion with political authority and the objective would be peace.  That's the objective.  And it sounds like the voice of Nimrod to me, but when this global religion is in control, they will boast about the peace that they have secured.  The only way to have world peace is to have world government, they will say.  They will say, "Now look.  See, we have peace and safety."  Of course, that's a sign of Christ's coming, because First Thessalonians 5:2,3 says, "For you yourselves know perfectly that this Day of the Lord cometh as a thief in the night in which they will say, 'peace and safety', and then sudden destruction will come upon them."

I think this is a time for we as a church to be wide awake.  Romans 13:11 says, "Understanding the present time, the hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber because your salvation is nearer than when you first believed."

I'm going to close with an illustration.  I grew up in Hartford City, Indiana, right near the Overhead Door Corporation.  They invented the overhead door.  I used to go back and watch the men as they would come outside and dump their trash and they dumped a big pile of steel.  Every month or two a railroad car would pull up and a crane with a huge magnet would come and would lower that magnet down upon the steel, touch the button, and you should have seen that steel and that iron jump into that magnet.  It was just awesome.  I would just stand there and watch that as a boy.  It was so exciting. 

The first time I stood there, I noticed a strange thing.  Some of the pieces of steel and iron were all dirty and oily and they would fall back to the ground.  They wouldn't stick to the magnet and I thought, "That's strange."  After the men left and everything was safe for me to go, I would run up and examine, and the first time I did that I thought, "Why is that steel and iron remaining where it had fallen off of the magnet?"  So I had to discover why.  "It's a mystery to me."  I found that the scraps that did not get caught up by the magnet were actually not steel at all.  They were dirty, greasy pieces of wood, broken boards, even a broken broom handle.  There was no metal left.  Only the things that had the right stuff inside were caught up. 

Jesus is coming soon, and when He comes He's going to come with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, with the trump of God and the dead in Christ will be raised first and then we which are alive and remain will be caught up to meet Him in the air.  You will be caught up if you've got the right stuff inside of you, and what is that right stuff?  That's Jesus Christ.  You've got to have Jesus in your heart or you will never be caught up when He comes.  I urge you to give your heart to Jesus today.  I think we're living in the last days.  I hope you will go home, pray about it, think about it, decide what you ought to do about the times in which we are living.

Let's sing our closing hymn.  We Are Living, We Are Dwelling, in a Grand and Awful Time.

Dear Father in heaven, we thank You for sending Jesus Christ to this world.  I pray that each person here would make Jesus central in his or her heart.  That we would be filled with Jesus Christ and caught up when He comes, to be taken to heaven and to spend eternity with You.  Bless every home, every wife, every husband, every child, and may we be faithful to You.  We ask in Jesus' name, amen.

Hymn of Praise: #21, Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
Scripture: Revelation 3:16-17
Hymn of Response: #617, We Are Living, We Are Dwelling
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