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Sermon delivered November 13, 2010 by Pastor Don Gettys

McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church

McDonald, Tennessee

Biblical quotations are from the New International Version NIV unless otherwise noted. Divine pronouns and titles are capitalized.

The Days of Noah

Matthew 24:36-39

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We're Seventh-day Adventists and we do believe that we are living in the toenails of time and you would expect to hear A sermon on the nearness of the second coming of Jesus, because we're Adventists. I would like to remind you that we have nothing to fear for the future except we forget God's leading in the past. We need to remember the past. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 32:7, remember the days of old. So today we're going to compare the past days with the present. We're going to compare our day with Noah's day. The Bible says to do that. In fact, it's Jesus said to do that over here in Luke 17. You can read Jesus' words in verse 26. Just as, those are two important words, just as it was in the days of Noah so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. Just as, so also. That's sort of an equal comparison. Isn't that what's going on. Just as, so also. Look at the past and you'll be able to see the future.

I read from a book on last day events, page 23, it says in the days of Noah the overwhelming majority was opposed to the truth. Just as, so also. The land was filled with violence. Do we have terrorists today? Just as, so also. The land was filled with violence, war, crime and murder.  These things were the order of the day. Just so, she says, will it be before Christ's second coming. Just as, so also. It's a direct linkage, or comparison.

Of course as we read in our Scripture reading today which is in Matthew 24:37 but as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be. Here's the same comparison. We're comparing the present to the past. Verse 38. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking. They were marrying. These are terrible things here.  This doesn't sound bad does it? They were eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage. That's something I do. I perform marriages.  This doesn't sound all that bad. And they did it until the day that Noah entered the ark. Verse 39, and they knew not until the flood came and took them all away and so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.

We get a little bit more insight from Councils on Health, page 109. It says appetite was indulged without restraint. So it wasn't just eating. They were overeating. They were a huge generation of people, apparently. Professed followers of Christ, it says, are today eating and drinking with the drunken. So these people, what were they drinking? Do you get drunk on water? They were eating and drinking alcohol. They were alcoholic's in Noah's day, so you would expect again in the last days the same thing. She says,  intemperance benumbs our moral and spiritual powers and men are living for the pleasures of sense.

Genesis talks about the days of Noah. Look at Genesis 6:11. It says, the earth was corrupt where? Before God. Their corrupt sins were open. They were public sins. This wasn't stuff done in the closet necessarily. Sin was open and public. It was before God. God can see everything and it was also very open to each other.

Look at Genesis 4. Here's something that you have probably not thought about before.  You know about Lamech in verse 19. It says he was the first to take multiple wives.  What does it mean, he took them? You get a picture of a cave man grabbing a pretty girl by the hair and dragging her off to his cave. I don't know what that means. He took. He was the first to take a wife and thus polygamy became a sin in Noah's day. His bigamy shows his depravity. There's something interesting about the names of his two wives. His 2 wives had very interesting names which tell us a lot about the signs of the times. His first wife's name was A D A H.  Adah. Her name means adornment. His second wife's name was Ella, which means tinkling. So we have polygamy mixed with tinkling adornment. Does that tell you anything? Does the picture of Jezebel come to your mind. These women were like Jezebels. People were seeking to enhance their life with adornment and multiple wives and God was far from their mind and far from their heart.

Lamech was also something else. Look at verse 23. He was a cold-blooded murderer. He killed a boy. What did this boy do to him? The boy struck him and so he killed him. Lamech's vengeance was excessive to the extreme. He rashly brags about murdering this youth in verse 24. In just seven generations since the flood here is what is already happening. Amazing stuff. They were already so depraved, they have sunk so deep into sin. Seven generations. The earth is already reeling with corruption and violence.

Look at Genesis 6:5. And the Lord God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of his heart was only evil continuously. That's all they thought about. So the picture which inspiration gives us in Patriarchs and Prophets, page 102, of the antediluvian world, represents truly the condition of the modern world today in which we are fast hastening. I read in the eighth volume of the Testimonies. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days when the Son of Man shall be revealed. The Lord is removing His restrictions from the earth. Apparently the Lord has had a damper, a throttle, on the earth and held down the wickedness until a certain point and then the Lord removes the restrictions and now it's going full bore. She continues, death and destruction, crime and cruel, evil, inventive power is being put into operation and all this is coming up on the earth.

What were the people like in those days back at the very beginning. If you read the textbooks in science today and in our academic community you will see that they depict cavemen with clubs. Is that what people were like in Noah's day? I read in the Bible commentary, first volume, there perished in the flood greater inventions of art and human skill than the world knows of today. Greater than we know about today. Cain and Abel were not hunter/gatherers. Not at all. According to Genesis 4:2,3 they were farmers. They ran a ranch in verse three. Cain built a city in verse 17.  The antediluvians invented musical instruments. 4:21. They worked with iron and bronze. Not just brass.  Not just lead.  Bronze. Verse 23.  Certainly they were not cave man. These were intelligent people just a few generations from Adam and here they were doing all this stuff. Again I read, the antediluvian's were men of massive intellect. In other words, every man was the equivalent of Albert Einstein. Every woman was the equivalent of Albert Einstein. Only there's a difference. They lived to be 800 years old or more. Now if Albert Einstein had lived to be 800 years old, what do you think he might have discovered.  With a photographic memory, he would have quickly launched into marvelous wonderful discoveries more than what he did. Imagine the scientific inventivenous. Little do we know what could have been accomplished.

In Genesis 6:11 now the earth had become corrupt in God's sight. It was filled with violence. God observed all this corruption in the world, and He saw violence and depravity everywhere and he said to Noah I have decided to destroy all living creatures, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. Yes I will wipe them out from all of the face of the earth. Now the English standard version and the RSV say that all flesh was corrupted. Think about that. That's not just human beings. All flesh were corrupted. Animals were corrupted. God determined to destroy all living creatures. Why did he not just destroy sinners? Why did he destroy the animals? Because they were corrupted. People were bad. Genesis 6:5, all day long the thought of nothing but evil was in their mind according to The Clear Word.

If those wicked and excessively intelligent and excessively sinful people with their high IQs and their super minds thought of nothing all day long except how to sin and how to make sin more sinful, what type of sins do you think they were doing? They were exceedingly bad.

Would you like to know the one sin that God considered the worst sin. What one sin was it that God considered the worst sin of all these things that they were doing? I've got a little book here called Spiritual Gifts. Here on page 64 it says this. If there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood it was the base crime of amalgamation between man and beast which defaced the image of God and caused confusion everywhere. God purposed to destroy by a flood that powerful long-lived race that had corrupted their ways before Him.

Amalgamation. What is amalgamation? Well it means to merge or unite two different things into one new thing. If you look at page 75 it says every species of animals which God had created was preserved in the ark. Every one of them. But the confused species which God did not create, which were the result of amalgamation, were destroyed by the flood. Today we cannot observe the confused species. We can't find them because they were all destroyed in the flood. These people, the wicked antediluvians, apparently engineered new breeds of animals and these animals are gone. These confused species that they made through amalgamation and through their giant intellects they created these things, they're gone. Destroyed in the flood waters.

Now I have just finished reading a book.  It is called Dinosaurs, and Adventist Perspective. It has a foreword by Neil Wilson. This book makes some interesting statements, and here the author, David Reed, suggests that dinosaurs were produced back in the days of Noah through genetic engineering. These people were no dummies. The antediluvians successfuly mixed genetic elements of reptiles, birds and animals to produce these confused species. I have looked at dinosaur skeletons. They are hideous. They look like they have come straight from the devil's incubator. They look like they have one purpose and that is to tear me apart, or anything else they can get into their big mouth. They look evil. They have outsized jaws full of serrated teeth designed to have excessive killing ability. They don't look to me like something God would create.

Now the evil pre-flood people, she says, they loved to destroy the lives of animals. These pre-flood people enjoyed that. The Romans did that in the amphitheaters. They would have two animals fight to the death. They enjoyed watching all that gore. Perhaps in Noah's  day they modified some of the large pre-flood animals for performance in their amphitheaters, because we discover according to this book that many if not most of the dinosaur skeletons that they have found have broken bones that healed prior to the death of the animal. With so many millions of large violent animals spreading out over the entire world, the earth was fast becoming uninhabitable by human beings. Dangerous. The early Frankenstein's had ruined the Earth.

Revelation 11:18 says that in the future God will come and destroy those who are destroying the world. Now as it was, so as. If God is going to come and destroy those that were destroying the world in the future, what did He do in the past? He probably destroyed the people who were destroying the world back in those days too.

Jesus says that the last days will be like the days of Noah and these things make me wonder about genetic engineering. Frankly I am concerned about it. Stem cell research. There's a lot of good potential in what they're doing but I think a similar technology brought about the antediluvian's greatest sin, according to God. Now we entered the age of genetic engineering and genetic modification back in 1973.  Farmers planted the first GM crops in 1996 and scientists take this genetic material from one organism and somehow insert it into the permanent genetic code of another organism and these biotechnologists have engineered numerous novel creations such as potatoes with a bacteria gene. They have super pigs that have human growth genes in them.  They have fish and cattle with growth genes. Tomatoes with flounder genes. Thousands of other plants and animals and insects at an alarming rate are being patented and released into the environment for farmers to plant. Currently up to two thirds of the corn in the United States is genetically engineered. 93% of soybeans, genetically engineered. In fact, they say that 75 to 80% of all the processed foods on supermarket shelves from soda to soup, from crackers to condiments, contain genetically engineered ingredients. A lot of these new things. Soybeans are impervious to round up.

I have in my hand a tomato. We bought this tomato at the grocery store the first week of September. Do you see anything wrong with this tomato? It isn't ripe. It will never get ripe. We've kept it on the kitchen counter the whole time hoping that it would get ripe. Today is November 13. This tomato is at least nine weeks old since we bought it. How old it is, I don't know. It's not getting rotten. It's not getting ripe. What' s going on here?  Monsanto has engineered several strains of slow ripening tomatoes. Maybe this one missed being sprayed with hormones or dipped in the stuff. I think this is a sign of the end. Should we be eating this stuff? Should you be raising tomatoes? On your back porch ot in your yard or in the garden somewhere. You folks ought to have a garden this spring. I think this is a sign of the Lord's coming, and I will tell  you, after this sermon, I will take this tomato and throw it in the trash.

Things are changing. If the genes from genetically modified foods, particularly the genes that have antibiotic resistance needed to create many of the organisms that they're doing today, if they transfer into human beings during digestion, human health could be adversely affected. The hybridization of GM crops with nearby weeds could take place and transfer the herbicide resistance to weeds.  In addition there is a proven threat that weeds or insects could develop resistance to these things. So what we could be doing, we're in danger of the development of superbugs that could destroy life as we know it. Scientists can transfer a single gene into a tomato or banana where it is reproduced as a protein thousands of times over and when eaten it passes into the intestines and into the bloodstream and now they are able to inoculate the world with hepatitis B for instance. They're working on this in the same way as you are traditionally injected with vaccines at the doctors office. Scientists are excited about this as a means of eradicating all types of diseases in the world. The golden rice which is genetically modified can prevent blindness and even death.

Are these things good or bad? Every year millions of genetically modified fish escape into the ocean. They're crossbreeding with other fish and other animals are doing this. I think that all this is leading somewhere. I think we are destroying the world again like they did in Noah's day. I think what the scientists are doing today is just the tip of the iceberg to what they will be doing. What is going on in the basements and backstreet laboratories we have no idea. Where is all this taking us. I think the Lord's coming is near.

Look at the devastation caused by natural bugs and diseases such as the dutch elm disease, the Japanese beetle, the stink bug of Maryland, the pine beetle here. How soon till these genetic engineers create a mermaid maybe, or a half horse and half man. These drawings are depicted in ancient drawings. Were they actually true? Will we resurrect the dinosaurs. I think the days of Noah will be replicated. I think when that happens God will step in and pull the plug. I think it's about to happen. Patriarchs and Prophets, page 101. Another storm is coming she says. The Earth will again be swept by the desolating wrath of God. The sins that called for the vengeance upon the antediluvian world exist today.

Let's examine one short phrase about the days of Noah in Jesus' verse. He said in Matthew 24:39, They knew not until the flood came and took them all away. So shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. They what? They knew not. They didn't have a clue. No idea that here the world was about to be destroyed. Millions of people and animals were just days away from catastrophic extermination and the antediluvians didn't have a clue. Noah had been preaching for 120 years and the people didn't have a clue.  They were ignorant of God's impending actions. Friends, I would tell you today that eternity is approaching. The end will come. Do you have a clue? Are you so engrossed with TV and Facebook and twitter and texting that you don't have a clue? We need to be studying these things.

I would like to take a look at God's watch because I think His watch would again say it is now time to come and destroy those who are destroying the world again.  To me these things are good news. You may say why is all this terrible stuff good news? Because I think Jesus is coming soon. He's coming quickly.

I want to challenge you to take four critical actions in your life. Here are four priorities. Number one. To zealously seek for spiritual revival. Do we need that? To zealously seek for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and power to live the Christian life. Number two. To individually set aside significant amounts of daily time for fellowship with Jesus through prayer and Bible study. I'm challenging you to four things. Number three. To ask the Holy Spirit to convict you of anything in your life that may keep you from revealing the character of Jesus in your life. You need to come to a conviction, this isn't just something that's optional. This is a sin, this thing that I'm doing. It's a sin. Got to get rid of it. And number four. To seek God's heart. That's what we need to be doing. Seek the heart of God. To understand His plan for you. Do you agree with these four things? If you sense the time is short, if your life is not right or not all that it could be. If you wish to make these four priorities your priorities, I invite you to stand. Would you just stand where you are, if these priorities are your priorities.

Don't forget what you're doing. To seek spiritual revival. To individually set aside significant amounts of time for Bible study,  prayer and communion with God. To ask the Holy Spirit to convict you of anything in your life that is keeping you from revealing the character of God in your life, and to seek God's heart, to understand his plan for your life.

Hymn of Praise: #560, Let All Things Now Living
Scripture: Matthew 24:36-39
Hymn of Response: #212, ‘Tis Almost Time for the Lord to Come
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