Sermon delivered March 9, 1996

by Pastor Don Gettys, McDonald Road Church, McDonald, TN

Most of you don't know this, but I when I am at my desk I wear glasses. I don't like them. But they sure make it easier. I guess they try to save money by making the print so much smaller. So far dime store bifocals serve me well. Bifocals are ancient technology. Today more and more people are wearing lenses that have no lines. VERILUX! The two magnification areas blend into each other.

This is what is happening to the difference between good and evil today. It used to be that you could tell what was bad or good. But in these last days those lines are blurred. Adventist Christians are reading books and watching TV programs that are more and more infiltrated with Hindu or New Age or mystical ideas without even realizing it.

In these final days the only protection that we have against being deceived is the TRUTH as it is in Jesus Christ. Revelation 18:23 "By thy SORCERIES were ALL nations deceived!" EW263

Satans MASTERPIECE of DECEPTION is spiritualism.-GC 561 This will be his last ditch effort to deceive the world. Just prior to the very end of time. Today I want to show you how all this is just about to happen under our very noses!

You are aware of Satan's counterfeits:

This is our topic today: It seems that angels are not just for Christians anymore. Angels are a highly profitable modern business and more. There is an uncanny interest in angels. Today, entire sections of some book stores are devoted to angels. Harvard Divinity School teaches a course on angels. There are conferences on angels and nature spirits.

There are now movies on angels and a lot of the popular songs are about angels. Thin spaghetti is now angel hair pasta. Today we see an enormous intense interest in angels. Angel sites are on the INTERNET. In just the past year over 100 new books about angels came out. Recently Fully One-Half of the best selling "religious" books in America were about angels. During the O.J. Simpson trial the Brown family wore angel pins. 300 Oklahoma City children received stuffed angels after the bombing. WHY are we seeing a sudden popularity of angels?

Something is going on. Interest in angels has increased dramatically in just the last 10 years. WHY? And WHY is there an apparent increase in angel reports/Activities?

REVELATION 14:6-12 shows us Three Flying Angels carrying messages from God to warn a doomed world. Just before the real angels fly you might expect that Satan would send his own evil angels with counterfeit messages. I believe that is what we are just beginning to see.

If you go into some secular book stores and ask for a book on angels, you will be directed to the NEW AGE or OCCULT section. Those books fly totally contrary to the truth.

Revelation 13:11-16 vividly states that in the last days the whole world will be united in worship. HOW can that be? ALL who refuse will be denied the privilege of buying or selling or they will be killed. All people will worship on the same day. How could that ever be? Jews and Moslems going to church on Sunday? How? Somehow the devil has to find some commonality among all the diverse religions.

Angels are universal. Jews, Christians, Muslims all believe. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Zoroastrianism all believe in Angels. They can be found in ancient Egyptian tombs, on Assyrian murals and Sumerian carvings. All major religions believe in Angels! The Mormons even have a name for their angel: Moroni!


#1-------(EVIL ANGEL:)

One lady tells about a time when an angel came. She was meditating one day and after a time she experienced a sudden expansion of her mind. She said: Angels showed me an infinite love within myself! A few weeks after that I started to notice, behind my left shoulder a brilliant white light, a loving presence. Sometimes I have mental dialogues with this presence." This Angel comes now on a regular basis and guides her. She prays to him. She is becoming dependant on him. She has learned his name. He is her guide. Her angel forgives her sins. She thinks about worshiping him. Her spirit guide is everything to her.

Do you know what she is into? Spiritualism! This is not an angel from God but an experience with the occult.

#2-----(GOOD ANGEL true Experience)

It was December 24, 1983. The Midwest was shivering in the icy grip of a massive record breaking cold spell. Tim and his two roommates were driving home to Chicago from their school out east- an 18 hour trip. Back in Chicago Tim's mother grew anxious. It was so dangerously cold that radio reports warned against venturing outdoors, even for a few moments. Tim was overdue. His mother got worried. What if they had car problems? She prayed in familiar mother short hand: "Dear God send your angels to help my son"

Tim stopped in Fort Wayne to drop off Don. Then Tim and Jim headed back towards the Indiana Tollway. It was the coldest night in Midwest history and the highways were snowy and deserted. They had traveled only a few miles on a country access road near the tollway when they noticed the engine of their car seemed sluggish. Finally they were only able to go 10-15 MPH. The engine was surging.

The two boys became uneasy. On the radio WOWO the announcer said: "Do not, I repeat, Do not venture outside tonight. The windchill is 80 below Zero. Exposed skin will freeze in less than a minute". The engine was coughing and slowed even more. At the top of a small incline, the car crawled to a frozen stop. The engine would not start. There was no traffic. They could see across the corn fields in every direction, but there were no houses in sight. It was as if they had landed on an alien, snow covered planet.

Both Tim and Jim were strong, but they knew they could not run for help. The cold would kill them in a matter of minutes. It was unbelievably cold. Never had they experienced anything so intense. After a few minutes the bone-chilling cold had penetrated the car's interior. The icy wind rocked the small car. Their feet were getting numb. Tim prayed: Well God, You're the only one Who can help us now."

As time went on they got very sleepy. They knew they would not last much longer. Then suddenly they saw yellow flashing lights at the rear of their car. Where did the vehicle come from? Someone knocked on the drivers side window. It was a tow-truck driver. All he said was "Need to be pulled?" They were rescued. After almost half an hour the wrecker driver pulled the frozen car up to Don's house. Tim and Jim were numb with cold. They went into the warm house to borrow some money to pay the tow truck driver.

Don said, I don't see any truck out there. They went outside. There was the cold disabled car, parked alone in the snow at the curb. They looked down and saw the tire tracks in the soft snow. But there was only one set of marks and they stopped at Tim's car. There had been NO tow truck. ANGELS! Angels at work. God's Angels. Taking no credit. The boys knelt and thanked God.


1- We are evolving into angels.

In 1844 Charles Darwin came on the idea of evolution. He believed it had both physical and spiritual components. The teaching today is that once we become an angel we will eventually evolve into a God.

2- Angels help us reach higher levels of existence.

Islamic teachers proclaim this belief. Thus our guardian angels become "spirit guides". They want to inhabit us to lead us where we should go. New age teaches that angels are capable of existing in several places at the same time. Thus they are OMNIPRESENT! Angels want to be our personal companions. Even the American Indians believe in spirit guides. An almost universal belief. Is it true?

Who is our guide? Jesus is the WAY. Jesus sends His holy spirit to guide us into all truth,--- John 16:13 THE SPIRIT of Truth will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH!

3- We should pray to our angels and ask them for guidance.

New age- Angels are our heavenly counterparts. They have been where we are and can help us join them above. We can communicate with angels. A company in New Jersey manufactures an Angel Board. A Talking Board designed to communicate with angels for $24.95.--(OUJIA?)


new age writer karen goldman--There is no angel of death. When a person dies an angel greets him to let him know that he is actually still alive. There is no death. He is in the process of reincarnation. Going to a higher form of life. Angels are just Human souls who have evolved to reach this level.

WRONG! God says: ECC: 9:10 "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave where you are going there is no work or plans or knowledge or wisdom."


We should accept ourselves as angels. Angels emerge from within us. When we talk to our angel we become healed by our own surrender. We find salvation by opening the door to our inner angel. They teach that we are in the process of becoming angels. To become an angel just recognize that you are already perfect and heavenly. Then just be you. Heaven is within your inner self. goldman says "To be truly human is to become Divine"

Friends can you see the danger here? This wave of angel interest is nothing more than spiritualism rearing its ugly last day head. The masterpiece of satan's deception will be spiritualism. I believe we are seeing it right now. If satan can convince people they don't need a Saviour, he wins!

MATT. 24:24 "False Christs and prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect..."

I Thess 5:21-Prove all things/hold fast to that which is good.

Keep very close to Jesus. Avoid the devil. Behold Jesus. Pray to Jesus. Trust Jesus. He will send His true heavenly angels to keep you in the narrow way that will lead you to eternal life.

(See Life Magazine, Dec, 1995. And a book- angels,angels,angels, by phil phillips Signs, June, 1995. Kiwanis Magazine Nov/Dec 1995 p. 23- 26.0

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