Sermon delivered April 12, 1997

by Pastor Donald J. Gettys

McDonald Road SDA Church, McDonald, TN

The Time is at Hand

In the innocent days of 1953 we were permitted to watch I Love Lucy if our school work was done. She was really married to Ricky Ricardo. She was expecting a baby. But in those days morals were so high that the word "Pregnant" was not permitted on the show.

Heaven's Gate Cult were not very Elect. Yet they were like a lot of Christians!!

To some people, all Christians are about as weird.

Adventists have many many beliefs that sharply contrast with the Heaven's Gate Cult. Two majors:

The intellectual chain gang called 'Heavens Gate' had a shelf life of 23 years. Their Cyber-doctrine was based on a Star-trecky fad. The year 2000 seems to be drawing all the crazies out from the margins of spiritual life. But Truth is not a passing fad. Only what is done for Jesus will last. -- The Rock of Ages.

CLONING: Scientists are getting deep into the very fabric of life. We are cloning sheep. Farmers might clone their best milk cows. Why not clone the best workers. We could create a new race of super humans with the mind of Einstein. We could clone perfect apples or trees. Just splice in the genes you want. Mix and match. How about dinosaurs? Will God step in and say: Gentlemen, it is closing time, you have gone far enough.

Actually don't worry too much about cloning yet. We could clone Abraham Lincoln but there is a good chance he would be placed in a day care at the age of 8 weeks and mesmerized by large doses of TV, & violence and soon join the crowd going down the wide road that leads to oblivion.

WILD MUSIC-- CD's- "You're nobody/Till somebody kills you" Death Rock. Gang Rap. Music reeks with occultism, suicide, torture. "Antichrist Superstar"

WEIRD EVIL TOYS-- Not Barbae or Ken or G.I. Joe, but evil alien dolls named kiss heavily tattooed. What is the world coming to? The End!

Are you ready?

Opening Hymn - 7 The Lord in Zion Reigneth
Closing Hymn - 604 We Know Not the Hour
Scripture Reading - Luke 21:34-38

(This sermon is directly taken from the notes of DJ Gettys without any editing or combining with his audio-recorded sermon. RBB, editor)

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