"There be...things which are little upon the earth, but they are
exceeding wise: the ants." - Proverbs 30:24,25.

     A man was sitting at his table
     Eating all that he was able,
When he spied a little ant upon the floor.
     Placing ant upon his pastry-
     Which he'd thought was very tasty--
He was shocked to see the ant would rather eat no more.

     But instead he left the table,
     Ran as fast as he was able
Down the legs, and then he raced across the floor.
     So the man gave close inspection
     And he followed the direction
As he saw the ant rush through the open door.

     On the street the ant found others--
     I don't know if friends or brothers--
But what he said just seemed to thrill them all.
     And not one ant made indictment;
     Every ant with great excitement
Turned to follow him in answer to his call.

     He led them to that table
     Where they ate all they were able,
While the man stood by inspired by what he'd seen.
     As he thought of all his neighbors,
     And how circumscribed his labors,
He was shamed to be so selfish and so mean.

     We believe the gospel story,
     And we long for heaven's glory,
Let the world behold our hope to us is real.
     And the message will grow sweeter,
     And our feet become much fleeter,
When we get the ant's evangelistic zeal!
          - Adlai A. Esteb - circa 1942