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General > Monday, March-03-2014

Progress and Fun Times

Jessica: Itís really amazing to be able to be back in my favorite place in the world. Iíve really missed it, and things are going great. Today was especially amazing because I feel like we got a pretty good amount of work done on our project and we got to relax and go to Crysto Ray to cool off (a lake with lots of waterfalls and trees to jump off of). We had some really tasty food today including fresh coconuts as a snack tonight.

Ben: Because of the local internet, we wonít be able to post pictures while weíre here, but we plan to upload them once we return home.  The construction is going quite well; we have completed the walls, poured the beam over the door, and made the form for the header (the concrete beam going across all the blocks).  We plan to begin building trusses and pouring a sidewalk to the kitchen tomorrow.


Sabbath was a wonderfully relaxed day, spent worshiping with the local Belizean church members and swimming in a river.


On Friday, we finished the west wall, the two beams for the overhang part, and of the east wall.  After working hard for the morning and filming a short video for Mission: SONlight, we drove to Crysto Ray Falls, a set of local swimming holes, to go swimming.  The cool water felt wonderful after the extremely hot day.


VBS has been a success.  The teachers and many of the students remember us and are glad to have us back.  We enjoy playing with the students during recess and look forward to each dayís VBS program.  We hope that all is going well for our family members and friends back in the United States and that we will arrive home safely on Sunday evening.

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