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General > Friday, March-07-2014

God's Provision

Ben: We have certainly had an adventurous few days!  The construction has progressed wonderfully, except that some of the wood that Mr. Ford wanted never came.  However, we were able to adjust our plans and finish the project this evening.  Every one of the people at the school has been extremely grateful for our work.

VBS, themed Creation, was a great success.  The students loved playing with us, making their craft, and learning more about their Creatorís work.


In addition to our normal activities, we had a few adventures and situations in which we saw Godís intervention.  Our adventure started on Tuesday when we discovered that the water at the house was not running, although the hospital had water pressure.  All of us wanted showers because of the dayís hard work, but there was almost no water pressure.  After a while, some of us decided that a dip in the river flowing through town was better than nothing at all.  I loved the unique experience.


Our second adventure was yesterday during our trip to Caye Caulker.  We spent the morning snorkeling over the reef and at a place where rays and nurse sharks congregate.  While we enjoyed a delicious lunch, shopping, and exploring the island, Mr. Boggess, Pastor James, and Mr. Beason went scuba diving.  As we were boarding our boat to return to the mainland that evening, we could see large thunderheads building near the island.  However, they did not affect the boat ride back to shore.


After disembarking and visiting a nearby hotel to change and use their bathrooms, the rest of us learned that one of the vanís tires had gone flat.  This would have not been a problem if the van had had a spare tire; however, for some reason, there was no tire or a tire replacement kit.  While Mr. Ford went to a nearby gas station to try to buy a new tire, we got to wait through a substantial thunderstorm.  After about half an hour, one of our tour guides kindly drove us to a local pizza  place for supper.  We stayed there until about 8:30 P.M., when another of the tour guides returned to take us to the gas station.  Although no one had been able to buy a new tire, the tour guides offered us their vanís spare tire when we had to decline their offer of their van because of the trouble that we would been in from the hospitalís administration.  Although we got home extremely late, we knew that God had been guiding and protecting.  We greatly appreciate your prayers and are sure that they were influential in making our trip successful.

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