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More Thoughts

Rachel O.:  I have really enjoyed this trip so far. I had so much fun on Thursday going to Caye Caulker and going snorkeling. Iíve been loving the hot weather and Iím getting to know people a lot more. I would love to come back next year.

Jessica:  Thursday was really fun. Iíve missed Caye Caulker more than I thought I would. I really canít wait until the next year we go come to Belize again. Even though I got burnt again even after applying 50 spf sunscreen twice, I really enjoyed the sun and hot weather. And for yesterday, it was still fun even though we worked all day. Iím glad we finally finished our project. Iím also proud to say that it looks pretty good.


Levi:  Wow, this trip has been so much fun. We are finally done with the project, it was hard but  it looks great. I wish I could stay longer but it will be nice to come home as well. see yall soonJ


Daniella:  Belize is amazing. Iíve had so much fun so far watching everyone get sunburned as I get tanned. Haha no Iím just kidding, even though it is pretty funny. Well today is our last full day and I could stay here for another full week. Iíve had so much getting to know our group and working with them. Along with watching them do back flips and other crazy stuff off of rocks into water holes and off of rope swings into rivers. Neither of which worked out to great for me. Iím going to miss everyone so much when I go home, but Iím also looking forward to going home. Caye Caulker was so amazing. It was so beautiful there and I enjoyed snorkeling and swimming with sharks and sting rays. Also it was pretty cool to get stuck in a huge storm. It was crazy. We even saw a tornado somewhat forming over the city. Well, later we found out it was just a cloud formation. But still. Haha well I think Iíve already written to much so see you all soon!


Rachel H.:  This trip has been amazing. It is my second year going on this trip. I donít think I want to leave. I miss my family and my dogs but I am in love with this country and its simple way of life. Tomorrow is my 17th birthday. Its kinda strange to think that I will be having another birthday away from home, but being here is worth the sacrifice. I have made friends here in Belize that I will never lose. I may not meet them again here on this earth but I will see them again in heaven. Its been hard returning here to Belize without Pastor Cook, but pastor James has done a good job. Living with 16 other people is very difficult. Putting other peoples needs above your own is not easy. It has shown me in more ways than one that I will never get married. My mother always told me to marry the person that I cant live without. I think living with anybody apart from my family is pure torture. I think it best to remain single rather than to try and live with another human being. But anyways the trip has been a blessing. I hope to return here again in my future for an extended stay. The trip has brought us all together and nothing will ever bring us apart.

Miss and love you all

Rachel Delaney

Tori:  This trip has been an experience I wonít forget. Working with everyone all week has made us close, we have learned each others quirks and the weird things we have in common, I love each of them. We have had some amazing times. I really appreciate all of Dan and Darylís work getting ready for the trip they have put so much time and effort into us. Working with the concrete was really fun I think this has been the hardest Iíve ever worked. I appreciate Wylham for driving for us.

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