McDonald Road Youth Mission Trip


Comments for Progress and Fun Times

David Cook

Proud of you guys and have been praying for you. It's been sad to be on this side of a trip I have been a part of for so many years, but I'm pumped to see how God is continuing to use the McDonald Road Youth in this powerful ministry. Dan and Daryl and Amy and Jessica and Rachel and Ben and all the others--I'm praising God for you right now. Come back and put those pics up! Now I can feel the pain of all the loved ones every year that want instant updates. But I know EXACTLY how hard it is to keep up with this blog so I will try to keep my self together. Pastor Chris, don't you feel a bit lucky to be with this group! Glad you are there with them my old friend. Love you all! David
posted by Guest at Wednesday, March-05-2014 14:14pm

Pastor Paul

Glad to hear of your progress. Be safe, have fun, make a difference! BTW it was 28 degrees here this morning. Enjoy!
posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-04-2014 11:29am


Yay, blog update! Glad things are going well, praying for all of you! --Briana :)
posted by Guest at Tuesday, March-04-2014 08:26am

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