Glories in the heavens are telling: July 2019

By Nels Angelin / Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Time is the most valuable resource in each of our lives to make the most of the opportunities available. Time is also a quality of space found in the universe of God. You have heard it said that time inhabits the fourth dimension. We are so familiar with three dimensions in which we live. Cosmologists love to play with theories and concepts that are beyond what you can see and touch. Beyond three or four dimensions, a favorite theory of cosmologists takes the form of many dimensions called string theory with upwards of eleven or more spatial views. I will not open those ideas again at this time.

It is true there are things beyond the fabric of things we can see, touch and feel. However, I believe it is best to not follow after the “far out” concepts that tend more to bend the mind where we need to be spiritually. I believe the cosmologists make their own spirituality out of their own concepts, for it is a religion of faith that their views of reality are true. 

As we grow older you can see another facet of time, I might call it a bubble of time. The more time we have in the church we can see these bubbles and in our own life too. The bubbles change. We see children grow and mature as time moves forward. We each have a moment of time to grow. It is a delight to see the children grow with their interests, and talents and the spark of intelligence blossoming in their eyes. And they grow and mature and change as the bubble moves on. You don’t see much change from day to day. But we all change as we grow up. A tribute to the parents entrusted with the preciousness of their time. The moments fly so quickly. Some are filled with wonderful joy, some are a little harder to look back on, but the time moves on and the destiny moves into eternity. Eternity may have some changes there too in the kingdom of God. The Lord is the author of life with the design to grow in all the levels to advance as He delights to see us each grow to advance into His likeness.