Church Board Notes

September 16, 2019

DEVOTION & PRAYER: Dennis Steele

BOARD MINUTES: Voted and approved the minutes of the August 19, 2019 board meeting with a correction on the selling of the Pathfinder Bus with the proceeds going toward the Pathfinder account.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Voted and approved the August 31, 2019 Treasurer’s report.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Voted and approved to accept the committee’s recommendations:
1) To wait until the end of September to get all receipts turned in for VBS and then pay for whatever difference out of account #9020 Children’s Ministry. 2) For up to $1000 out of the Parsonage account to be used to get out church owned sailboat in safe and working order, including life jackets for Youth Ministries to use. 3) To approve up to $600 to come out of the Youth fund to go to pay for Youth Leadership training. 4) It was voted that we should get an official appraisal and market value done on our Parsonage rental property. It was voted that we need to get a legal lease, and that we would have inspection rights. We would raise our rent over several years in steps starting in January giving our renters a couple of months’ notice about this.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Voted and approved committee’s recommendations on the names below:
Transfer In:
Curtis, Gayle and Amanda Cordwell from Collegedale, TN
Carlos and Nolly Martin from Chattanooga Ebenezer, TN
Randall and Reatha Van Dolson from Collegedale, TN
Transfer Out:
Heather (Peel) Orvek to Bloomington, IN
Matthew Palacios to Bowman Hills, TN
Nick, Julie, Isabella, Joseph, and Katerina Beaumonte to East Ridge, TN
Total Membership: 1005
Total Families: 580

DISASTER TEAM: It was voted and approved that we ask the individuals who took a disaster training course during the most recent Collegedale Camp Meeting in May of this year to serve as a disaster response team here at McDonald Road and give them the option of choosing a leader amongst themselves.