Knitting With Love

By Janice Parker / Photos submitted

Bill Phillips is a truck driver and a super-fan of the Chattanooga Roller Derby. He goes to as many of their games as he can fit into his work schedule. Our granddaughter, Fawnna, skates with the women’s Chattanooga Derby Team and has become acquainted with Bill.

Bill’s hobby is knitting and Fawnna’s is crocheting. They talk about patterns, yarn, and what they enjoy making. Bill makes beanies to give away to those in need. Fawnna told him about our work with the people in the East Lake Courts and how we give away food, clothing, and books about God’s love for them. Bill decided he would make beanies to help the people keep warm in winter. Each beanie is beautiful and different. The people love the beanies. They are in great demand.

Bill knits while his truck is being loaded and unloaded, as well as at home to relax. He is very humble about the gifts of love he gives to others. He says, “I am just a country boy, nobody great.”

Last year he knitted 24 beanies to be given to the people in the East Lake Courts. He has already knitted 12 beanies to help out this year. He knits love into each beanie for those who need them to keep warm. God has given him a special talent and he uses it to show God’s love to others. Jesus is coming soon and says, “In as much as you have done it to one of the least of my brothers you have done it unto Me.”

Bill is following Jesus’ teaching by knitting special beanies for those in need.