Church Board Notes – February 2020

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Duane Lemon, Stacie Schepers, Bob Boggess, Tim Cook, Verlyne Starr, Pastor Starr, Sheryl Baker, Pastor Smith, Pastor Fuller, Cheryl Ashmore, Andrew Myaing, Eric Ford, Don Van Ornam, Charles Phillips, Andrew Mountcastle, Wyatt Good, Ryan Van Dolson, Archie Moore, Jeff Lemon, Stephen Bauer

DEVOTION & PRAYER:  Andrew Myaing

BOARD MINUTES: Voted and approved the minutes of the January 20, 2020 board meeting with the notation that under Finance Committee, #3 & #4 are duplicates.

EVANGELISM:  Received reports from various ministires: VBS, Church Sign, Upcoming Mission Trips, WNO, Pathfinders & Adventurers.  No votes needed on anything.

New Youth Ministry: AWARE. A ministry for young men, will be organized by Wyatt Good, Eric Ford, Bob Boggess, Andrew Mountcastle, and Pastor Starr. This will be a mentorship program for a limited group of 14-18 year old males. Looking to begin in Aug 2020 with 4 month sessions at a time. Each session will consist of 5 to 10 meetings and scheduled activities.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Voted and approved to accept the January 31, 2020 Treasurer’s Report.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: 1.)Voted to acknowledge the HiSet graduates and present them a certificate & gift.  Cost to be taken from Acct 9115.4

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Voted and approved committee’s recommendations on the names below:

Transfer In:
Helga Folkes from Oakhurst, CA
Robert and Mary Nelson from Berrien Springs, MI

Transfer out:
Eric and Beth Jackson to Silver Spring, MD
Paul and Julie Roy to Bowman Hills, TN

Total Membership:  1008
Total Families:          587


Rocky Railway VBS 2020

Community, Special Event