Looking Back at Pathfinder Sabbath

It seems like Pathfinder Sabbath on February 29 was ages ago, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look back at this uplifting Sabbath service brought to us by the McDonald Road Hawks Pathfinder Club.

“We have had positive responses from multiple church members about the services,” shares Andrew Myaing, McDonald Road Pathfinder Director. “In fact, one couple approached me after one of the services and shared that it was the best Pathfinder Sabbath service they have attended. They further shared ‘and that’s saying something because we’ve been around a long time and have seen many Pathfinder Sabbath services.’ They enjoyed everything about the service. They were especially impressed by the speakers, their message and the delivery.”

Young people were involved throughout the service. “We tried to get as many young people involved,” says Myaing. “I think there was only one other adult staff member who was up front besides me. The rest of the service was conducted by our young people. Our young people are gifted and talented and all glory is given to God! In preparation for this Sabbath service, I had so many to choose from for involvement. Everything from greeters, deacon/deaconesses, song service/praise team, children’s story, offering call, special music, sermonettes, color guards. They were all willing to serve in various capacities. I am proud of these Pathfinders, and I wanted our church members to be proud of them too.”

“I am so thankful for the MRC family and how they have supported our club in various ways in years past,” says Myaing. “I hope we can continue to offer a welcoming atmosphere to our young people through the church and the Pathfinder club, producing future church leaders. We can work together for a finished work.”

Pathfinder clubs are for youth in grades 5-12, and are designed to “lead members into a growing, redemptive relationship with God, build its members into responsible, mature individuals, and involve its members in active, selfless service.” (North American Division Pathfinder Staff Manual)

Photos by Shawn Lemon