Gifts for Jesus

Each year many small miracles happen in two ordinary storage cabinets at the Samaritan Center; this is only one of them:

One day a family came to the center only a few hours after their home was destroyed by fire. Among the many things lost to the flames was the little girl’s favorite doll. After talking with the family, our social worker opened the door to the Gifts for Jesus cabinet, stocked with toys, personal care items, socks, and other items given by area churches last Christmas. The little girl squealed with delight, “Jana, Jana, Jana,” and ran to the cabinet to get the doll – not just any doll, mind you, THE doll – same outfit, same everything!

For this small miracle to happen, someone had to purchase the doll months before and bring it to the Samaritan Center. Then, a staff member had to choose the doll when they were stocking the cabinet that week.

Just as the Wise Men brought their gifts to Jesus, people like you in churches in our community give Gifts for Jesus — new toys, children’s clothing and personal care items. The Samaritan Center shares these Gifts for Jesus with hurting people all year long, showing them that someone cares about their needs, no matter how small.

Won’t you consider giving a Gift for Jesus this year?

Think of something that you would miss if you couldn’t buy it. That is the perfect gift for you to give. Our church will collect the gifts on Sabbath, December 12. Or, if you miss that Sabbath, you may take your gifts to the Samaritan Center at 9231 Lee Highway Ooltewah. Please bring your gifts to the reception area at the front of the building.

Hope Twinkles

Community, Outreach