What Is Nominating Committee?

by Becky Brooks / Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Starting in mid-February, the McDonald Road Nominating Committee will begin meeting. What is the Nominating Committee and what does it do, you ask?

The Nominating Committee is the special group that recommends people from our church membership who have shown interest, have been contacted by the Nominating Committee, and who would be good candidates to fill the various leadership positions of our church ministries. The committee is made up of church members representing all of the different demographics in our church—people of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. “It’s really important to have a cross-representation and balance,” says Pastor Fuller. “We want everyone in our church family to know that they are important.”

At McDonald Road Church, church offices last for two years, so every two years, a new Nominating Committee is created, works on filling the offices for several weeks, and then disbands after the positions are filled. If positions need to be filled at other times later during the two-year term (such as if someone moves away, etc.), then the Church Board acts as the Nominating Committee during that time.

“This year, because of COVID, things have to be a bit different,” explains Pastor Fuller. “We will meet, but a lot will be on Zoom. And this year, the Church Board will be the core of the Nominating Committee, but we also had the church family recommend others so we would have all of our groups well represented.”

Already, the current church office term was extended through the first quarter of 2021 instead of ending January 1, with the hope that the pandemic would improve. So, that is why Nominating Committee is starting now instead of when it usually meets in November and December. Pastor Fuller also shares that some of the work has already been started. The children’s sabbath school divisions have already begun working on the process, which will make things a little easier.

The Nominating Committee’s goal of filling church offices serves a greater goal, as well. McDonald Road Church is sharing the love of Jesus with our community, our neighbors, and those who visit our church. So, the church officers play an important role in coordinating this greater goal, keeping church members connected, and helping church efforts to run smoothly.
“We have a number of offices and almost all of them are volunteer positions,” says Pastor Fuller. From our audio/visual team to our Sabbath School teachers and various ministry leaders, McDonald Road Church heavily relies on volunteers to help our church share the good news of Jesus.

If you feel called to serve in one of our church ministries, call or email the church office at (423) 396-3462 or office@mcdonaldroad.org.