God Answers Prayer with a Check

As part of the monthly series “Do the Right Thing” by News 12 Now, Stacie Schepers was recognized in July for making a difference in her community. Stacie is an active member at McDonald Road Church and a first grade teacher at Collegedale Academy.

Dave Staley surprised Stacie at the produce stand where she sells vegetables during the summer, presenting her with a check for $500.

Rose Fuller nominated Stacie for the honor and said, “Stacie is the bomb!!”

But, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Stacie shared that God was working behind the scenes. She wanted to help the family of Elijah Muhs with a donation toward medical expenses…and this surprise check provided the means.

“Can I tell you about my God?” Stacie wrote on Facebook following the surprise. “Long before Elijah even collapsed at camp, my favorite VBS registration partner, Rose Fuller, wrote into the television station to nominate me for a community recognition. I didn’t know that she had done this. It is something that I don’t deserve any more than the rest of you.”

“On Tuesday morning, I prayed and felt that I wanted to give money to Elijah‘s family, but when I looked in my checkbook, there wasn’t enough to do it yet. I thought that it will have to wait a little while. Then, I went to work at the produce stand. At the produce stand that day, I was very surprised that I not only received the recognition, but also a check of money that I could pass on to a special hurting family. That’s the way my God works.”