“I Am Your God Who Heals You” – The Turner’s Testimony

By Mary Anne Turner

“I am your God who heals you” had real meaning for us this past year and a half. It all began May, 2020. Our three children (all in the medical field) came to talk to us about our medical situations we were facing. In reading the papers from David’s doctor for the test he was to have, they noticed no anesthesia was to be used. They advised against this. David called a church friend who had recently gone through the same procedure and he gave David his doctor’s name. Blessing one.

The doctor I went to said he didn’t do hernia surgery, but gave us a referral of another doctor he said he would send his mother to.  Blessing two.

The evening before the appointment our youngest daughter Melissa saw a double rainbow at the end of the driveway— one for each of us.  The Morning Watch verse the next morning was the one above.  Blessing three.

September 1, 2020, (our granddaughter’s birthday) David had his surgery for prostate cancer (due to agent orange in Viet Nam).  It came out intact with no lymph node involvement.  Blessing four.

Six weeks later I had my surgery (on our oldest daughter’s birthday).  It went well, but that night I had an adverse reaction to the fentanyl they were giving me for pain. They revived me with narcan.  Blessing five.

Eighteen days later I was back in hospital for exploratory surgery.  A perforated duodenal ulcer was found.  Two units of blood for anemia, TPN because I wasn’t eating and testing blood sugar every couple of hours and insulin when needed even though I wasn’t diabetic, and supplemental oxygen.  When healed enough I went to Siskin for rehab.  While there I tested positive for COVID.  After ten days I was home for Christmas.  Blessing six.

January 2021, I had one leg swollen and scan found a large blood clot the entire length of my leg (COVID clot). A week later I tripped over the threshold and fell (no breaks) and was back in the hospital for a week and then back to Siskin for two weeks of rehab, back home February 18. Follow up PT and wound care (MRSA) at home. Gaining strength and happy to be home. Blessing seven.

We had our shots and in March and April, David started radiation treatments five days a week for eight weeks. At the end April he got to ring the bell, a ceremony signaling that his treatment was done. Blessing eight.

Our family took good care us through all of our journey. And we appreciate all the love shown us by our friends. Pastor Fred’s prayers at every step were comforting. And God’s walking with us and giving us His peace and healing—all are Blessing nine.

We are doing well. David walks 3-6 miles a day.  My clot is almost gone and my hemoglobin is up to 12. God is so good and to be praised! One of my favorite texts, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee,” Isaiah 26:3. Whatever you may be going through, put your trust in God and He will give you His peace and walk with you through your journey.

Please note that opinions expressed are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of the McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Photo contributed by the Turner family.