McDonald Road Begins “Family Talk” Series

Photo by Kate Kalvach on Unsplash

“Family Talk” is a new series beginning at McDonald Road Church this spring.

Each quarter there will be a different Family Talk focused on a different topic. The sessions will be led by a professional in that field with the aim of starting conversations and answering questions people may have about the topic. It’s for families, parents, teenagers, church members, and community.

“Some of these topics may be hard to talk about,” shares Pastor Geoff Starr. “But we are dealing with them in our society with our youth. Hopefully this will give us tools and open up dialogue.”

The first Family Talk session is scheduled for March 26 and will look at youth-based mental health, led by Sarah Willis-Herndon, LPC MHSP. The events over the last couple of years and current atmosphere of our culture have wreaked havoc on everyone, especially our youth. At this session, you will learn how to support our young people through tough times.

The next Family Talk will be April 2 and focus on Biblical views on sexuality. This session will be led by Michael Carducci, co-founder of “Coming Out” ministries. Attendees will learn about God’s intention for intimacy and how that is expressed in comparison to what the world describes as human sexuality.

Watch for more information on future events as our Family Talk series continues!

Learn more about the first two sessions below.