Pathfinder Sabbath 2022

Our McDonald Road Pathfinders and their leaders did a great job presenting on our Pathfinder Sabbath on Feb. 19, 2022 at McDonald Road Church.

“God has truly blessed our club a lot of support – from our pastoral and administrative staff, our pathfinder parents, and also our pathfinder staff,” shared Andrew Myaing, McDonald Road Pathfinder leader. “This year has moved very fast. Aside from meeting in person every Wednesday evening, we’ve had events at least one week in a month where we camp at places like Fall Creek Falls, Camp Cohutta, Johnston’s Woods, overnight canoe camping with our older kids on the Elk River and even a Bible treasure hunt on Southern’s campus. We like to keep our young people busy.”

He continued, “We really enjoy these times because it gives us an opportunity for us as Pathfinder leaders to interact with your young people – our young people – to give them examples of God’s love and also just have a good time with each other and with our adult mentors.”

With Pathfinders taking the lead during the service, it service garnered a number of positive comments on the Facebook live stream.

“Great beautiful service! Love it,” writes Lillian Cruz.

Katy Picón shared that the Pathfinder video was “outstanding!” and Nola Gleffe shared, “Your Special music has been out standing! I love your Violin playing! Happy Sabbath to you All! Coming from Rapid City So Dakota! Bless our Young Students!”

The McDonald Road Hawks Pathfinder Club has 86 Pathfinders, with 42 junior age and 44 high school age kids. Twenty of those families have two or more of their children in our club.

The Hawks also have an active TLT (Teen Leadership and Training) program, where teens work with a mentor from the club to learn about being a leader in the church and community.

Seven Pathfinders also make up a PBE (Pathfinder Bible Experience) team for the McDonald Road church, and they recently placed first in the regional testing.

As a special part of Pathfinder Sabbath, during the afternoon, a baptismal service was held for seven Pathfinders who have chosen to be baptized.

We thank you – Pathfinder leaders, parents, and church family – for all you do to support our young people as they grow into strong leaders and witnesses for Jesus.

If you missed Pathfinder Sabbath, you can watch the services in our video archive here:

Pathfinder Sabbath 2-19-22 Worship Service

Pathfinder Sabbath 2-19-22 Afternoon Baptismal Service

Photos by Jordan Lemon