Curious About Communion?

Mark Your Calendar – Our next Communion Service will be March 26, 2022.

Communion, also called The Lord’s Supper, is a special service Seventh-day Adventists take part in as a reminder of what Jesus has done for us.

“Communion reminds us that ‘man cannot live by bread alone,’ and that spiritual food—the kind that Christ offers us—is just as vital as food and drink.” (video:

During The Lord’s Supper, deacons pass out small cups of grape juice and bite sized wafers of unleavened bread. The congregation eats these while the pastor explains and commemorates their significance as symbols of Jesus’ blood and body that he sacrificed for us.

Footwashing, also called the Ordinance of Humility, is another part of the communion service. This is to remind us to serve others, just as Jesus did. During this part of the service, the congregation separates to rooms marked for families, women, men, singles, etc., and you can go wherever you feel comfortable. Participants will find a partner and take turns washing each other’s’ feet using a bowl and towel provided.

“This act of footwashing is a clear indication of how Christ wants us to relate to one another. He wants us to humble ourselves, to perform any task for others no matter how horrible or undesirable it might be. We are to put others first, just as he did.” (video:

As Seventh-day Adventists, McDonald Road Church practices open communion, which means anyone who claims Jesus as their Lord is welcome to take part in the service. Our church holds a communion service every thirteen weeks, or once per quarter.

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