Renovation Update: June 30

Photos contributed by Charles Griffin

Every week brings an exciting new change or two. As you can see from the picture above, the platform area has been put in. Also, major changes have taken place in the Mothers’ Room, foyer, and back behind the platform areas.

It’s amazing how God is putting this miracle together in front of our eyes. I want to give a big thank you to Todd Lawson and his team of deacons, and other dedicated church family members who helped move the pews a couple of weeks back. It’s wonderful to see God’s lead, step by step! Please continue to remember this project with your prayers and support.

Pastor Fred R. Fuller

Accessing Sabbath School Rooms

During construction, please note the following information on how to enter the church and find your Sabbath School class since things are a little different right now.

Enter through Fireside Room:

  • Walters/Johnson Class
  • Margaret Halverson Class

Enter through Tiled Lobby, then Beginner Room:

  • Collegiate
  • Fearless Conversations