Sparkling Clean Sign

Our church sign is now sparkling clean and sharing a new message. Many thanks to Tommy Honeycutt for cleaning the church sign and Eva Burchard for putting up the new message earlier this month. We hope to meet together again soon!

Looking Back at Pathfinder Sabbath

It seems like Pathfinder Sabbath on February 29 was ages ago, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look back at this uplifting Sabbath service brought to us by the McDonald Road Hawks Pathfinder Club. “We have had positive responses from multiple church members about the services,” shares Andrew Myaing, McDonald Road Pathfinder Director. “In fact, one … Read more

Creativity Flows at Wednesday Night Out

Many thanks to those who led out and everyone who participated in the six weeks of Wednesday Night Out. Attendees practiced painting, woodworking, and crocheting in addition to a meal and study groups. It was a great time of fun and fellowship together!

Family LIfe Goes Climbing

Family Life Ministries hosted an outing to High Point Climbing in Chattanooga on Sunday, Feb. 9. A number of families and friends came out for the event, making it a fun time for everyone to get to know each other.

Adventurers Lead Sabbath Service

Photo by Michelle Snow On February 8, members of McDonald Road Church woke up to snow falling and perhaps some slippery roads. Despite the weather, our Adventurer Club, led by Ryan and Oriona Van Dolson, shared a special worship service with the church. Many thanks to the leaders, staff, parents, grandparents and Adventurers who make … Read more

Church Board Notes – February 2020

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Duane Lemon, Stacie Schepers, Bob Boggess, Tim Cook, Verlyne Starr, Pastor Starr, Sheryl Baker, Pastor Smith, Pastor Fuller, Cheryl Ashmore, Andrew Myaing, Eric Ford, Don Van Ornam, Charles Phillips, Andrew Mountcastle, Wyatt Good, Ryan Van Dolson, Archie Moore, Jeff Lemon, Stephen Bauer DEVOTION & PRAYER:  Andrew Myaing BOARD MINUTES: Voted and approved … Read more

Church Board & Business Meeting Notes – January 2020

Church Board Meeting – January 20, 2020 MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Chic Coleman, Greg Keller, Todd Lawson, Stephen Bauer, Duane Lemon, Stacie Schepers, Bob Boggess, Tim Cook, John van Zyl, Verlyne Starr, Pastor Starr, Sheryl Baker, Pastor Smith, Pastor Fuller, Cheryl Ashmore DEVOTION & PRAYER: Duane Lemon BOARD MINUTES: Voted and approved the minutes of the … Read more

Wednesday Night Out

Wednesday Night Out Starts this Week! We’ll meet each Wednesday evening for the next 6 weeks (now through February 26) to share a meal and explore some fun topics together. Keep reading to find a topic that interests you. Topics: Prayer Meeting – Pastor Fred R. Fuller (Sanctuary) Authentic Manhood: A Man and His Design … Read more

Christmas at McDonald Road Church

Photos by Shawn Lemon & Becky Brooks Christmas is a beautiful time of year, especially at McDonald Road Church. We started the season with a Ministry Expo and Cookie Crawl on December 1. Attendees were able to learn about a variety of different ministries our church offers and sample cookies along the way. During December, … Read more