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Boost your immune system

Eight laws of health

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Temperance
  • Fresh Air
  • Rest
  • Trust in God

Please Note: The following information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of personal professional medical advice. 

Optimizing Your Immune System

The following natural remedies summary of information is taken from the Immune Protocol for Optimizing Your Immune System if Exposed or Infected with a Respiratory Virus by Dr. Wes Youngberg. You can find the article on   Dr. Youngberg is a practicing clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist in Temecula, CA. He was trained at Loma Linda University where he earned a doctorate in clinical preventive care and a master’s degree in nutrition. 

The most important steps for optimizing our immune function are to effectively implement and daily optimize the natural remedies:


7 to 9 hours every night. Even one night of poor sleep increases the risk of infection. It lowers the dose of viruses needed to infect you.


Especially if tired, stressed or sick, complete rest is critical.

Water intake

At minimum drink 16 to 20 oz. when you wake, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Drink enough water to keep urine clear.

Fresh Air

multiple times daily open windows and ventilate your home for 10 to 20 minutes. If it is cold out, bundle up and ventilate anyway! Also try to get outside (back yard) for some light exercise and fresh air several times daily.


Ultra Violet light kills many kinds of viruses found on clothes, skin or surfaces. Exposing Spanish Flu patients in 1918 to abundant sunlight and fresh air was associated with greatly lowered death rates of those infected compared to those who were kept indoors for the duration of their treatment. Of course, our pets clearly understand the benefits of sunlight and take advantage of it whenever they can. Even a brief time in the sun infuses joy and calm into your veins.

Moderate exercise

Walking and other moderate movements greatly improve circulation and activation of your immune system. Walk at least 10 to 20 minutes after each meal.


Eat only healthy foods three times daily but don’t overeat or snack.

Avoiding immunity impairing substances (sugar, refined foods, nicotine, alcohol).

Stress management

Unforgiveness produces high levels of inflammation thus increasing risk of immune suppression. “Forgiveness is the only prescription in the entire universe that is powerful enough to unlock the chemical bonds of hostility, resentment and bitterness. It is the medicine of greatest importance for healing of the body, mind or spirit.”

Trust in God

Even if you don’t believe in God, He believes in you! He loves you and wants you to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. Talk to Him. He cares!

The Eight Laws of Health


Eating fresh fruits and vegetables improves health and energy.


Exercising for 20 minutes at least 4 times a week can improve energy and heart health.


Hydration through drinking water cleanses the body and helps eliminate waste.


Spending time in the sun provides essential vitamins and elevates mood.


Self-control and having balance between working, resting, eating and spending time with God is important.

Fresh Air

Fresh air and breathing deeply fills you with oxygen and can promote relaxation.


It is beneficial to maintain 6 to 8 hours of sleep to reduce exhaustion. It is also important to find rest in God on the Sabbath.

Trust in God

Blessings come into your life when you trust God. You will experience greater peace and joy.

Other recommendations (see detailed protocol for more detailed explanation/information) if exposed or infected with a respiratory virus include:

Initiate promptly home isolation self-care management strategies.

Check your temperature 1 to 3 times every day.

Check oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter.

Perform hydrotherapy 2 -3 times per day (either shower, fomentation or revulsive) and rest for 20 minutes afterward to allow immune system to activate more fully.

Immediately isolate yourself and get complete bed-rest.

Drink lots of water.

Avoid immune system suppressors – no sugar, juices or junk food.

Eat wholesome food emphasizing greens, colorful vegetables, whole fruits, soups made of any types of beans/lentils.

Evaluate with a health care professional to determine if nutritional supplements would be appropriate.

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