Church Board Notes

August 19, 2019 MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Tim Cook, Pastor Fred R. Fuller, Charles Griffin, Pastor Geoff Starr, Steve Kibwage, Ryan Van Dolson, Verlyne Starr, Pastor Paul Smith, John van Zyl, Nick van Zyl, Archie Moore, Duane Lemon, Dennis Steele, Andrew Myaing, Walter Mancia, Joy Traxler, Sheryl Baker, Eva Burchard DEVOTION & PRAYER: Walter Mancia BOARD … Read more

Mission Team Wins Souls in Kenya

In June a team of missionaries from McDonald Road Church traveled to Kenya to teach people there about God. Leader of the group, Dr. Steve S. Kibwage shares their experience. God amazingly parted waters for our small team to travel. We went from Chattanooga – Atlanta – Paris – Nairobi – Ikutha (E-coo-thah) over a … Read more

ROAR! VBS 2019

McDonald Road Church was filled with voices of young people praising God and learning about Him June 10-14 for ROAR! The Vacation Bible School theme was “Life is Wild, God is Good.” We had 180 children register, and they learned that no matter what happens in life God is still in control and God is … Read more