Looking Back at Pathfinder Sabbath

It seems like Pathfinder Sabbath on February 29 was ages ago, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look back at this uplifting Sabbath service brought to us by the McDonald Road Hawks Pathfinder Club. “We have had positive responses from multiple church members about the services,” shares Andrew Myaing, McDonald Road Pathfinder Director. “In fact, one … Read more

Kreuzers Present Overcoming Seminar

Chad and Fadia Kreuzer of Anchor Point Films presented their “Overcoming Seminar” February 14-16 at McDonald Road Church. The 3-part series focused on the science and scripture behind overcoming bad habits. To watch the Sabbath church service presentation, “Overcoming & Victory,” visit our Vimeo page at vimeo.com/mcdonaldroadchurch. Videos and more from Anchor Point Films are … Read more

Church Board Notes – February 2020

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Duane Lemon, Stacie Schepers, Bob Boggess, Tim Cook, Verlyne Starr, Pastor Starr, Sheryl Baker, Pastor Smith, Pastor Fuller, Cheryl Ashmore, Andrew Myaing, Eric Ford, Don Van Ornam, Charles Phillips, Andrew Mountcastle, Wyatt Good, Ryan Van Dolson, Archie Moore, Jeff Lemon, Stephen Bauer DEVOTION & PRAYER:  Andrew Myaing BOARD MINUTES: Voted and approved … Read more

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