Volunteer Screening

If you’re a first-time registrant, please read all instructions before proceeding. The link will open a new tab in your browser, so you can reference back to each step of the instructions below.

Pathfinder & Adventurer Volunteers

All adults over the age of 18 who choose to volunteer with Pathfinders or Adventurers are required to complete the online training and submit the background check to be able to participate in any PF or ADV Conference event. This includes parents and pastors and any Pathfinders who have reached the age of 18. They may participate as a Pathfinder but will need to follow the adult regulations.

Step 1 – Start Your Application

Click the “Volunteer Application” button below. The link will open a new tab to the Sterling Volunteer website, so you can refer to the steps.

Step 2 – Select State and Conference

Set the state to Tennessee and then click ‘Select and Continue‘.

Then select the Georgia-Cumberland Conference and then click ‘Select and Continue‘.

Step 3 – Create Your Account

Create a User ID and Password.

User ID tip: We recommend to use your email address.

This report must have your legal name. Your legal name needs to match the name on this registration (rather than a nickname, maiden name, or other name).

Step 4 – Registration Information

Please provide the information requested on the screen.

Do not click the back button or your registration will be lost

Step 5 – Location Selection

Select your primary location where you work or volunteer and click continue.

If you work or volunteer in another location, please select ‘Yes’ and then select the location.

If you do not have a driver’s license

Please only choose roles that say you are a non-driver. Example: “Non-Driver Pathfinders” or “Non-Driver Adventurers”.

Please do not choose another role or it will require you to put in a license number and your application will be delayed.

Step 6 – Select Your Role(s)

Select your role(s) within the organization. If necessary, you are allowed to select multiple roles.

Step 7 – Begin Training

Click on the green circle to begin the online training. Upon completion, the last screen will allow you to print a certificate.

Please let us know if they do not assign you training. Everyone must complete training.

Once the online training and the submission of your background check is complete, you can login to your account and click on “My Report” to view your online training, retrieve a certificate, and view your background check completion date. You can also access ‘Update my account’ to update your personal information.

Step 8 – Online Training

Please read the instructions regarding the details of the online training and then proceed. Select “Click Here” to begin the online training.

Training can take up to 1 hour.

Once you finish the training and receive the certificate, you still have more to complete. You must continue to input the information they require and then submit the application for the background check.

Step 9 – Complete Application

Upon completion of your online training, you will be instructed to complete your background check. Please complete the steps within the background check process.

The background check is not submitted automatically. You must submit it.

Some reports come back in a day or two — others take longer. Please be patient. Once they are approved, the report is made available to the Conference Office and we must manually approve each person.

I Need a Rush Approval

If you require fast approval for an event, please contact the Children’s Ministry at the Conference Office to give us a heads-up, so we will know to watch for the application and approve it as quickly as possible.