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$6 per person or $24 for a family of 4 or more.


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Some classes have limited spaces available

NOTE: $15 fee for Assessment during the first session.


Host: Dr. Bob Overstreet

Clifton strengths is a web-based assessment measuring the presence of talents in 34 general areas referred to as “strengths”. Talents are ways in which we naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals, as they serve as the foundation of strengths development. Come join Dr. Overstreet (Gallup Certified Strengths Coach) and learn about the science of maximizing your potential by developing you to become great at what you are already naturally good at. In this seminar, you’ll also learn more about strength-based leadership and strengths development. Please bring a laptop or tablet to the first session.


Host: Mae Watson

With over 50 years of experience in licensed child care, Mae currently serves as director of Kiddie Kampus of the Collegedale Seventh-day Adventist Church; she has held this position since the center opened in 1991. She has presented numerous workshops, including “Detecting and Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, ot parents and childcare providers. As that description indicates, she discusses children’s behaviors that help to guide caregivers to identify abuse. She also discusses key ways caregivers can PREVENT such abuse.


Host: Pastor Jeremy

A kid’s inner world has the power to shape everything—their social lives, academics, and their overall mental state. Statistics show that anxiety, depression, self-harm, and other mental and emotional challenges are on the rise among our kids and teens. In fact, one in five kids suffers from an anxiety disorder. If that thought makes you overwhelmed or scared, you’re not alone. We’re here to help. We’ve partnered with Parent Cue and Dr. Chinwé Williams, a board-certified, licensed professional counselor, to provide some essential insights that will help you learn the psychology of what’s going on in your kid’s brain and science-based, practical tools to help your kid navigate a mental health challenge.


Host Pastor Jeremy

When our parents were our age, they really only had to worry about how much time was wasted using technology, But these days? These days, technology changes rapidly and so do the dangers. It’s a hard job—keeping our kids safe, especially online. Our church wants to help. Pastor Jeremy will be guiding us in this seminar as we learn together how to keep our kids safe online and how to parent well in this digital age. In this seminar, we will be discussing some common questions and struggles parents are having and how to raise our kids to be able to be responsible users of technology. Join us as we learn together and support each other as we grow to be the parent we want to be when it comes to our kids and technology.


Host: Dr. Stephen Bauer

Do you sometimes feel like you have failed God? Does God’s success in the Great Controversy depend on you? There is great news! The success of God’s plan of salvation depends on Christ and His sufficiency, NOT depend on you! Join us for a four-part series as we discover together a deeper understanding of Christ’s sufficiency in the Great Controversy, his sufficiency in your salvation, his sufficiency in your spiritual growth, and his sufficiency during your times of tragedy.


Host: Sheryl Baker

An in-depth and personal examination of this great story of threat and deliverance. Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther’s day, it can be tough today. Join us as we peel back the layers of history to show how very contemporary and applicable the story of Esther is to our lives.


Host: Peter Turk

Volume 3 of 33 The Series challenges men to go beyond the surface, look deep within, and explore some areas that are easy to ignore but are critical in their journey toward Authentic Manhood. Full of practical insights and helpful resources, AMan and His Traps gives men the freedom to take off their masks and move to a healthier place of honesty and growth as they learn to become more like our model, Jesus Christ.

NOTE: Materials cost for the entire 4 weeks is $20.


Host: Heidi Olsen

Find your inner artist and come learn a new painting technique with Heidi.


Host: Ben Schnell—Assistant Professor at Southern Adventist University in the Business Department

  1. Jan. 25: Why is budgeting so hard and what we can do about it? A discussion of why so many people have trouble with budgeting and some strategies to try to make it more personal and successful.
  2. Feb. 1: How to get out of debt. Strategies for paying off bills and getting out of debt faster.
  3. Feb. 8: How To not get ripped off in negotiation. We’ll examine the strategies salespeople use in negotiations so you can hold your own.
  4. Feb 15: Investing. What’s the best investment strategy when planning for retirement?


Hosts: Dr. Alan and Nicole Parker

Come learn in a fun environment the biblical principles for how to get more connected to your spouse and develop a sizzling marriage where both of you feel heard and appreciated.

  • Session 1 (Jan. 25): A Happy Marriage or a Holy One, Which One Do You Want?
  • Session 2 (Feb. 1): Across the Divide
  • Session 3 (Feb. 8): Connecting through Conflict
  • Session 4 (Feb. 15): Getting Boredom out of the Bedroom


You will need to complete a registration form for each person that is attending the seminars.